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Working With Children Check - A Must Have!

All coaches, water runners, first aid officers and LeagueSafe officials who work with any of our players under the age of 18 are required to undergo a Working With Children Check.

The Working With Children Check is conducted by the NSW Government Office of the Children's Guardian and is free to anyone performing duties as an unpaid volunteer. Once completed the check is valid for a period of 5 years.

To apply for a Working With Children Check please visit the following website:

Shortly after application you will be provided with an APP number. You will then need to take this to an office of the Roads and Maritime Service (formerly RTA) to complete the application process.

The APP number should also be provided to the club for our records. Successful applicants will receive their WWC number within four weeks. When you receive your WWC number please provide this to the club also.

Your WWC or AP number can be provided to our Registrar Rochelle Borg via email to

The NRL have advised Group 7 (which we are part of) that they will be randomly checking clubs each weekend to make sure anyone required to have a check has done so. If you are caught without being able to provide proof of the number then an instant dismissal from working with children will be issued.

Here at the Stingrays we believe that the safety of our under age players is paramount.

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