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2015 Changes to Laws of Rugby League Modifies Games - FAQ

FAQ’s - 2015 Changes to Laws of Rugby League Modifies Games The National Rugby League, in partnership with State Leagues, is rolling out a series of changes to the Modified Games Laws in 2015. The document outlining the Modified Games Review is located on the playnrl website – A list of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) is provided below in relation to these changes: NEW LAW CHANGES 1. Which groups are affected by the changes to the Laws? All sanctioned Modified Games (6 – 12 years) competitions – Junior and School-based – are affected by the changes. LAW BOOK 2. When will new Law Books be available? It is anticipated that the law book will first be made available in electronic PDF format on at playNRL - Laws and Codes The NRL will print new Modified Games Laws Books for an end of February availability. NO SCRUMS LAW – UNDER 6 TO UNDER 12 3. What do we do in place of a scrum being packed? A handover of possession will occur, with the non-offending team to re-start play with a play-the-ball. In the Under 6’s, the “Chance” rule applies, with players permitted to knock-on or pass the ball forward and, as long as that team retains possession, the Referee will call “Chance” and advance the tackle count, as if they had been tackled. TAP RE-START LAW – UNDER 6 TO UNDER 12 4. Is the tap kick re-start only after a try has been scored? The tap kick re-start to the non-scoring team will occur only after a team has scored. At Under 6 and 7, this will occur immediately after a try (as there will be no attempts at conversion). From Under 8 to Under 12, this occurs after a try and subsequent conversion attempt. TWO PASS VARIATION – MOD LEAGUE 5. Can the Dummy Half and/or First Receiver run from those positions more than once in a set of six tackles under the Two Pass Variation Law? Yes, the nominated Dummy Half and nominated First Receiver can run and be tackled before passing, without conceding a turnover, more than once from their nominated position in a set of six. 6. Are vests able to be grabbed/slung to affect a tackle? No. The Safeplay Code applies, as it would with any form of dangerous tackle affected on a jersey. 7. Who will supply vests/armbands for the “Two Pass Variation” Law? The NRL has purchased:

  • One vest for the DH

  • One vest for the FR

for each Junior League team playing under Mod League rules, at Junior League clubs. School Competitions will be supplied when participating in regular Competitions and State/National Carnivals. For other events and activities, Schools/School bodies may supply clearly identifiable coloured vests or armbands in order to comply with this Law. 8. If an organisation need additional vests: a. Where can we purchase additional vests? b. What is the cost per vest? a. The NRL will make a supply of vests available for purchase on the NRL Online shop. ( b. The unit cost will be between $6 - $7 per vest (TBC). LAWS ROLLOUT - COMMUNICATION PLAN FOR 2015 9. Are the changes to be rolled out for the 2015 Season? Yes. Compliance is expected immediately for all changes. However, where there is any delay to the education of, or distribution of vests to, certain areas, flexibility will be provided with respect to the commencement of the Two Pass Variation Law in Mod League only. Permission must first be sought should a more gradual rollout of this Law be desired. 10. What will happen at State and National Carnivals when players are selected in specialist roles across a number of days? Where events are played under unique conditions, the Two Pass Variation will apply, however consideration may be given for the rotation policy to be waived upon application to the League/State Governing body.

For more information – contact Brad Levy (, Javed Hamidi (, Martin Meredith ( at the NRL.

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