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Coaches - Organise Your Sports Trainers, Runners & Team Liaison

Now that the teams are beginning to come together it is important that all Coaches ensure that they and their assistants on the team have the right qualifications and that they have people to fill the various roles required for each team.

It is essential that each International team in age groups from U13's up have a certified Level 1 Sports Trainer and a Team Liaison / Manager. Referees have been instructed to ensure that International level teams have these two positions before a game can commence. Ideally, all teams in any age group from U6's will have these positions filled.

Certification Requirements for Coaches and Trainers

Below is a list of team roles and the certifications they require.

Mini / Mod Coach - U6 - U12

Modified Games Coach - MGC

International Coach - U13+

International Games Coach - IGC

Senior Club Coach - U18+

Senior Club Coach - SCC

Sports Trainer (formerly First Aid Officer)

Level 1 Sports Trainer



Team Liaison / Manager


Note: Any volunteer working with children under the age of 18 must complete a Working With Children Check and have their WWC number recorded with the club. For further information please click here.

Upcoming Courses

To search for available courses for the certifications above please refer to the Upcoming Courses page on the Play NRL Website.

If a coaching or sports trainer course is required to be completed please speak to the club committee or your age co-ordinator about obtaining a voucher to cover the cost of the course before registering.

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