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Good afternoon, everyone,

I just wanted to update you on some of the new Sports Trainer resources that have recently been produced.

We will be making a concerted effort during 2017 to increase our resourcing and communication to the game’s Sports Trainer network; the below represents the first influx of resources for the website.

All of these resources are located at

To provide you with a quick snapshot, most of the filming was produced featuring Troy Thomson and Craig Catterick – both Kangaroos’ trainers with a vast array of experience.

We made a conscious effort to tie these resources back to the Level 1 Course, and some key components will provide great re-enforcement for our broad-based trainers.

Here are some of the features now on the site:

1. Sports Trainer Welcome Video – this will also feature in the majority of our Courses from this point.

2. How to Tape Videos – For the first release of these videos, we covered the three techniques that are delivered in the Level 1 Course.

3. Injury Management Videos – Focus is on some of the basic processes delivered to trainers in the Level 1 Course.

4. Sports Trainer Resources – In this section we have placed a copy of the Level 1 Sports Trainer Manual in PDF format; we have consolidated all relevant Trainer documents / forms, and have also created a page on concussion, which also houses all the head injury-based policies and forms.

The Education & Training Team will continue to build on these resources as the year progresses, however, we believe this to be a good starting point in demonstrating to our volunteer Sports Trainers that the NRL is investing in their education and development.

I would be most grateful if you could forward to all relevant stakeholders within your League.


Brad &

NRL Education Team

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