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Draw Weekend of Saturday 18 May 2019

* No international boys games this weekend*

Croom Complex No 1

G U14 APOF White v Stingrays Green 9:00 am

12-1 APOF v Stingrays 11:50 am

Cec Glenholmes Mini

7-N Warilla Blue v Stingrays 9:00 am

7-N Warilla Gold v Stingrays White 9:50 am

Flinders Field Mini 1

6-N Stingrays White v Kiama Black 9:00 am

6-N Stingrays Gold v Kiama Red 9:50 am

6-N Stingrays v Stingrays Green 10:40 am

7-N Stingrays Green v Stingrays Gold 11:30 am

Flinders Field Mini 2

8-N Stingrays Green v Kiama Black 9:00 am

9-N Stingrays Gold v Warilla Gold 9:50 am

9-N Stingrays Green v APOF White 10:40 am

9-N Stingrays White v Warilla Blue 11:30 am

Flinders Field No 1

G U16 Stingrays White v Stingrays Gold 9:00 am

10-1 Stingrays v APOF 10:00 am

11-1 Stingrays Gold v Culburra 10:50 am

11-1 Stingrays Green v Kiama 11:40 am

G U10 Stingrays Gold v Kiama 12:30 pm

G 12-2 Stingrays v Bomaderry Blue (2) 1:20 pm

G 12-1 Stingrays Gold v APOF Maroon 2:10 pm

Chittick Oval

8-N Kiama Red v Stingrays Gold 11:00 am

Michael Cronin Oval

8-N Gerringong v Stingrays White 9:50 am

Bomaderry Sport Comp

G U16 Bomaderry v Stingrays Green 9:00 am

G U10 Bomaderry v Stingrays Green 12:30 pm

Ulladulla Sports No 1

G 12-2 Milton Ulladulla Blue v Stingrays Green 12:30 pm


10-2 Stingrays

12-2 Stingrays

G U14 Stingrays Gold

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