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Grading Policy

The Stingrays Junior Rugby League Football Club (JRLFC) grading policy is designed to give all players, parents, coaches and managers a clear understanding of the club’s selection or grading process. To ensure that grading of teams is undertaken in a consistent manner, and that the players, coaches & parents have an expectation of the outcome of grading. In grading our players into teams and grades. The Club will show commitment to promote fairness, consistency and transparency in the selection process. It is therefore the objective of the club, where possible, for all players to play in a team for their age and in a grade best suited to their ability.


Who is graded?


At the Stingrays JRLFC grading only applies to ages Under 10 – 18, being the Mod and International Competitions. No grading takes place in Mini’s to Under 9’s.


The Club recognises that individual players have different motivations for playing Rugby League ranging from highly competitive to social recreation. Through appropriate grading and player placement the Club aims to cater for all players and believes that everyone can benefit from the grading process.


Whilst the Club encourages all players to take part in the grading/player placement process, it is not compulsory. Players will have the opportunity to play with friends in non-graded teams whenever this is possible in conjunction with the grading process.


It is important to state that once grading has been completed, players will not be swapped between teams unless there are unexpected shortages in a team. CRL and Group 7 regulations also apply regarding players changing teams.


Grading players in U10 – 18


The grading of players will be performed by independent and flexible grading techniques and personnel. Grading will be managed by the Stingrays JRLFC Grading Coordinator, appointed by the Committee.


The following assessments can be considered when grading takes place:


End of Season Assessment

The end of season assessment is conducted by selectors who assess players during games at the end of the previous season. This is important for assessing players in their natural game, particularly players who find trials stressful. It is also a good way to view players across all teams in the age group which is sometimes missed by the coach’s assessment. The end of season assessment provides an indication of a player’s technical skill level and game playing level. 


Coach’s Assessment

The coach’s assessment is not only a skill assessment but also an assessment of attitude and work ethic. Coach’s have the advantage of seeing how players develop throughout the season so they are able to assess the full season of play rather than a few end of season games or trials. Coaches also provide the best assessment of a player’s reliability, work ethic and attitude. 


Pre Season Training / Grading Sessions

The Grading Committee shall conduct the training sessions that will suitably assess the competency of the players. As a guide, training sessions will consist of:

  1. Warm up

  2. Skill Based Drills

  3. Small sided game/s (players rotated) 


Assessment by Trial (If required)


After registration and before the season begins (usually in late February or early March), trials for those players who wish to be graded into will be organised by the Stingrays JRLFC. Trials enable selectors to see the range of technical skills and game skills across the entire age group and they allow newcomers to the club to be assessed. Trials can be an important means of selecting a team with a range of skills not just a group of individuals. The trial process is outlined below. 


How Trials Are Conducted


Trial dates, times and selectors are organised by the Stingrays JRLFC for each age group. There will be at least two selectors for each age group and no selector will have a child playing in that age.


At the trial each selector shall independently evaluate the players who are trialling and after each trial date they should convene to discuss their observations. At the end of the trial period the selectors should reconvene to determine a ranking of players for each team.


Selection of Teams


The basis of selection will be the combination of players end of season assessments, coach’s assessments and Training assessments. Team balance with respect to player positions. Attitude of the player to grading and training, the willingness and ability of the player to receive instruction and team spirit. 


The objective of the selection of teams is to group the top ranked players in that age group together, and to therefore form the highest ranked team. 


Notification of Grade and Appointment of Coaches


As soon as possible after final selection, teams and their recommended grading shall be published and nominations for team coach and team manager may be called for. If coaches have already been assigned, they will receive player details. If a coach is to be a parent of a child playing in the same age group, coaches will not be determined for each team until the grading process has been completed. 




If any player or parent is not satisfied with grading the player receives, they can make a submission in writing to the Stingrays JRLFC President requesting a review of the players grading, outlining why they think the grading is not correct. The President will consider this submission in consultation with the grading committee to make a final decision on whether or not to change the player’s grading.

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